Blomstre: Norwegian for "to bloom, blossom or flourish".

We are the industry's full-service cannabis consulting firm.

Blomstre's comprehensive experience and long-standing relationships empower companies to prosper and grow.

We've helped growers, manufacturers and brands of all sizes navigate the complex landscape in North America since 2018.

closeup photo of cannabis plant
closeup photo of cannabis plant

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green plant
green plant


green cannabis plant close-up photography
green cannabis plant close-up photography

Let's be honest - these waters are still uncharted and even the most seasoned of sailors get lost from time to time. We pride ourselves on being upfront and proactive to ensure you're always one knot ahead.

It's daunting to navigate this industry by yourself. Working with Blomstre means you'll have the full support of our team AND our network of highly specialized cannabis professionals. We work tirelessly to understand your individual needs - providing tailored solutions that work.

We do what we do because we love it. Seeing our partners realize their potential is why we decided to break free from the norm. We believe in the power of the plant and we're confident in our ability to go above and beyond to help you flourish.


Nick Sweiven

The Man Behind The Curtain

Founder & Chief Excellence Officer

Nick has worked in everything from fine dining to craft beer, event coordination to cannabis packaging, testing and compliance.

His passion for horticulture started with a hot pepper obsession back in 2015 and blossomed into growing a variety of plants.

Outside of the office, he spends most of his free time in the kitchen, trout fishing, exploring national parks and helping his amazing life partner maintain a small zoo - where he is responsible for feeding 4 fuzzy beasts.